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Our proprietary software was developed specifically for ensuring excellent patient experiences wherever the patient is receiving care, along with the insight and analytics providers need to track outcomes and control costs.

Patient Care Management Software

Care+ offers task and workload management tools that help clinicians improve patient care.

Proprietary Risk Prediction

Understanding risk factors in patient care is key to adequately address conditions, determine care settings, and prevent rehospitalizations. Our risk prediction capabilities provide care coordinators with critical tools and insight to enable patients to be managed at home wherever possible.

Real-time Patient Tracking & Health Status

The healthcare continuum can be extremely complex, especially when managing chronic conditions and/or critical injuries or illness. Care+ has the tools needed to seamlessly track patient health status in real-time and automate follow-up care and communication, wherever a patient is in their care journey.

Dynamic, Patient-Specific Cross-Continuum Care Plans

Care+ is a patient-centric technology with robust tools for building customized care plans. Based on unique clinical, functional, social and behavioral factors, each plan  generates patient-specific goals and interventions. As patient status changes, individualized care plans update dynamically to provide real-time tracking for care coordinators.

Provider Tools

Care+ also offers a robust dashboard with analytics that providers need to better manage care, improve outcomes, and control costs

Care+ Provider Tools

Quality Performance Improvement Opportunity

With powerful analytics and real-time reporting tools, Care+ provides the insight providers need to understand the patient outcomes and financial indicators critical to improving care practices and processes and lowering costs.

Network Performance & Accountability

Our technology tracks outcomes across the post-acute continuum, providing the information necessary to improve partnerships within your network and make adjustments based on performance and quantitative metrics.

Utilization & Costs Analysis and Benchmarks

Care+ analyzes the data needed to control costs and provides reports and insight into opportunities for improving patient care outcomes and your bottom line, particularly those tied to clinical, operational and financial goals under value-based care.