Interested in getting the most from your BPCI-A participation?

If you are an existing participant, you want to make sure that you fully understand the Model Year 4 program changes and are reaping maximum benefits from your participation. ICS can help.

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Read our analysis of the upcoming BPCI-A changes PDF.

Our Highly Specialized Approach for BPCI Advanced Value Based Care

Many participants struggle to optimize post-acute care performance and outcomes under the BPCI-A program. ICS experts in post-acute care skillfully coordinate and manage smooth transitions for patients post-hospital discharge while sharing risk with our partners.

ICS works with acute-care hospitals (ACHs) and physician group practices (PGPs) to implement this CMS value-based program that leverages the efficiencies of the bundled payment model. As a trusted partner and expert in value-based care approaches, ICS not only provides customized clinical management solutions focused on excellent care for patients, we also share the financial risk (and savings) involved with episode cost management with our customers.

If you are looking to ensure optimal quality outcomes and financial savings performance under the BPCI-A program, or implement alternative value-based care models in order to improve patient outcomes and better manage costs, ICS can help.