Ajay Singh
Vice President, Strategic Growth

Ajay Singh is a senior healthcare leader, focused on fostering strategic relationships with providers and payers. He is dedicated to helping healthcare executives align their care transformation, patient experience, and digital health initiatives with emerging technologies and services in the market.

Across his career in healthcare, Ajay has directed his efforts to help hospitals and payers improve patient outcomes and reduce costs, through provider and clinician engagement. While at the Advisory Board Company in Washington DC, Ajay worked to enhance the performance of health systems across the country, through a combination of research, technology, and consulting. He served as a strategic partner to hospital C-Suite members, helping them with their care transformation, cross continuum, care variation, and post-acute efforts.

In recent years, Ajay has led AI and digital health technology companies, focused on patient engagement. By guiding startups to directly address the challenges facing health systems and payers, he has helped innovative companies grow, while still achieving tangible ROI for their clients. Ajay believes to reduce the healthcare costs facing the country, companies must help clinicians, reduce access gaps, and improve patient experience and outcomes.