Accountable Care Organizations

ACOs understand the importance of collaboration, information sharing and expertise. An ACOs ability to provide the highest quality of care to the Medicare patients they care for is often determined by the strength of their networks and their knowledge of a broad range of post-acute care (PAC) settings and resources.


Based on our analysis of Medicare claims data we know that, on average, 15% of an ACO’s total annual spend is attributable to post-acute care or related spending.

ICS specializes in making critical post-acute network connections for ACOs interested in minimizing financial risk, as well as maximizing the savings benefits of value-based care. Through our risk-sharing model, we are able to significantly impact post-acute care costs and utilization, and our in-depth PAC expertise makes high-quality care financially viable for those providing services for a growing Medicare population.With ICS, ACOs have the resources and support needed to succeed in this competitive market space.

Leverage Your Network

Are you a value-based care organization interested in reducing costs and getting the most out of your value-based care arrangements?