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ICS evolved from an extensive partnership network spanning the community-based and post-acute care continuum. Through those connections and resources, ICS has developed improved care coordination and care transformation models of care and approaches that ensure exceptional patient outcomes.


ICS Knows Post-Acute Care

From our board to our bedside, everyone has deep post-acute knowledge and experience. Our leadership team has significant expertise in provider-based, post-acute care, operations, cost control, and value-based approaches to care management.

We have an extensive network within the PAC community that we use to benefit our customers and the patients they serve.

Since its founding, ICS has guided health care transformation from fee-for-service to value-based care. In response to the U.S. health system’s inability to sustain the fee-for-service model, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and other payers have incentivized health systems to change the model.

By focusing reimbursements on patient outcomes (value-based healthcare) versus the number of services provided (fee-for-service model), health systems are now moving toward an era of improved care. ICS shares financial risk with our partners to develop processes and home-based models of care that keep patients safe at home while preventing avoidable hospitalizations.

By focusing on the patient, we produce better outcomes for partners.

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Patients Served Annually

ICS guides the following organizations through their transformation from fee-for-service to value-based care. We deliver the post-acute expertise and data-driven processes necessary to achieve quality care and financial success.

Accountable Care

We partner with Accountable Care Organizations to aid in controlling spending by leveraging our expertise in value-based care, and proactively solving for many of the community-based and post-acute care challenges facing ACOs in improving outcomes.


We work with health systems to address the numerous challenges involved in the journey to value. Our approach is uniquely designed to meet health systems where they are and to align the clinical, operational, and financial goals and priorities that will change the way they deliver healthcare in their communities


We provide physician groups the partner they need to take control of and transform care for their patients. Transitioning from a hospitalization and healthcare delivery system to one that is practice-focused to proactively manage patients’ clinical and support needs in the community.


Customized Solutions

Our approach to care relies on value-based models that allow us to partner in sharing the financial risk of cost management with our partners, employ powerful automated technologies into our solutions, and offer critical data needed to improve efficiencies and control costs. We meet customers where they are in their value-based care journey and design a customized approach (set of services) to meet their unique needs.

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