Integrated Care Solutions
Accelerating the Transformation to Value-Based Care for ACOs, Payers, and Providers.

ICS helps organizations improve community care coordination and drive the transformation to value-based healthcare.

Comprehensive Care Management

This idea drives our approach to care management—an approach that combines patient-centered clinical solutions, continuous improvement and

patient engagement, innovative IT applications, data analytics, and customized offerings to those responsible for the quality and cost of care.


When it comes to making a move to value, organizations face numerous challenges. ICS deploys a unique set of solutions to meet these challenges head on with an approach that matches the specific needs and opportunities of our customers and the patients and markets they serve.

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Medicare & Dual-
Eligible Patients
Accountable Care
Integrated Delivery

Problems We Solve

Controlling patient outcomes and costs is difficult. Post-acute healthcare represents one of the fastest-growing areas of the healthcare system with the highest variation in patient outcomes and costs. ICS’ risk-sharing partnership approach helps providers to better manage the following:

  • Prevention of costly ED visits and hospitalizations
  • Coordination with primary care physician services
  • Level of care determinations
  • SNF length of stay
  • Factors that reduce readmissions
  • Developing partnerships with high-quality skilled nursing and home health providers
  • Transitioning and maintaining patients in communities where they reside and call home
  • Addressing social determinants and patient support

“When you think about the health system and ICS working together to develop an end-to-end care experience for our patients, that is what value-based care is all about.”

– Dr. Nihar R. Desai, Medical Director for Value Innovation, Yale New Haven Health


Our patient-centric solutions prioritize the patient experience while also maximizing efficiencies and generating total cost-of-care savings for the hospital systems and customers we serve. By combining innovative technology and robust data with compassionate and knowledgeable care, we ensure the best outcomes for patients and customers.

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& Analytics
Care Management
& Coordination
Customized Advisory
Intuitive Technology
Improvement &


ICS’ proprietary high-tech, high-touch clinical model helps organizations safely treat patients where they are most comfortable—in their home. Not only does this keep patients safe and satisfied, but it offers tangible improvements in outcomes for both patients and the providers charged with their care.

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To coordinate care, and track and analyze outcome, ICS developed our own proprietary software. Care+ provides our Clinical Integration Nurses (CINs) with the tools and automation needed to deliver excellent care and provide patients with the best possible experience. This powerful software also performs the analytics, data, and reporting needed to drive measurable outcomes and control costs for our provider partners.

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Driving Our Overall Method and Approach

We ensure the following:

  • Patients avoid hospitalizations and ED visits by actively managing chronic conditions and comorbidities
  • Coordination with patients’ primary care and specialist physicians to optimally manage clinical and social needs
  • Patients are treated in the most appropriate post-acute setting upon hospital discharge
  • Patients are referred to the highest quality providers to meet their needs
  • Patients stay for the right amount of time, receiving the right amount of services
  • Everyone involved in the patient’s care has the right information and incentives to achieve optimal outcomes
  • Patients remain safely at home as much as possible
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COVID-19 Information

Discharging patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic has many providers facing unique challenges. With a focus on quality, our patient care coordination team leverage our network of post-acute and home health solution providers to deliver excellent, CDC-compliant care and improve patient outcomes.

We are closely monitoring the Coronavirus to provide safety for the patients we serve.